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traveling musician traveling musician

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The scenery...

The scenery here is great, which is why I like it so much. The colors are a bit light, but in this picture, I think they really bring it together. Keep up the good work.

AA: MMZC Contest Entry 2 AA: MMZC Contest Entry 2

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Great Pic

I agree with the person that posted before me, this looks far better than the pics Capcom has put out. And you're saying you have pics better than this, I need to see them.

AdventAxl responds:

The Megaman Zero 4 pic is way better because I had time and didn't rush on it. lol I still like this one don't get me wrong.

the amazing spiderman the amazing spiderman

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My favorite Super Hero

See, if this would have come out bad, I would have blammed you into the dirt, but it came out really good,and I like it a lot. You get ten stars from me buddy, for the creative level of the artwork, as well as your great choice in a super hero. Good Job.

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