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I liked it, and I'm glad you chose to use some of the songs I've submitted to newgrounds. I had to take half of a point away though with the morning the Director met Kai, though the setting was nice, the time of day shouldn't have been that bright out. Well that, and some of the angled views of the characters were unbalanced. But I can see that you will most likely get better from here on, so keep up the good work, and I'll try my best to stop in newgrounds more often to see what you've put out.

MOA-OZZY responds:

Thanks, It was my first non-sprite animation so it turned out better than I thought it did. I lost all my files for episode 2 because of a virus attack so I'm working on something new and better :) I might use some more of your music... who knows, thanks for the review

I will be honest, I didn't expect it to end like it did. Awesome Vid.

I think that Eclipse Force deserves to be a series honestly. Maybe with more heroes than Sol and Luna to cover a more broad spectrum of personality types. But this was great. Could have used a little bit more commentary from the antagonist, but nothing I'm complaining about. Though that first hit was so reminiscent of Sonic Nazo Unleashed. Great job man, great job.

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This is a creepy little game. I had a bad feeling the whole way through, but man, zombie ponies chasing and trying to kill you. I think this was a great game, there should have been more to it though.

Decent game

I like it, and it will be in my favorites. I'm especially happy my buddy Mack got to do the music for it. Anyway, cool game, I did enjoy it.

Great game

This is definitely very addictive, my only problem with this game was the that there was really only one track playing throughout the whole thing. Maybe if each section changed to a different track, like after 2:00 am it switches, then again after 4:00 am. Other than that, awesome, I had fun playing it, and will play it again.

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Great Remix.

Now if only you could so a remix of Tenguman's Theme in Megaman 8. The Sega Saturn version, because the one that was on Playstation had a horrible track, couldn't stand it. But you did an awesome job really capturing the feel of the song. And you improved it, well at least as far as I'm concerned you improved it.

Me gives it a 9

It's decent, while I do prefer earlier versions of this track, seeing as it's more a place holder than anything else, I can't really fault you for not putting as much work into it. You get an "A".

DrMackFoxx responds:

Yeah, this track was rushed for inclusion in the game "Robots VS Zombies". I was working on something a lot more elaborate, but there just was not enough time to complete it, so this is what I put together instead. ^_^; Good to know this song still worked well, though.

Thank you very much for the honest review. I really appreciate it. :)

Up Tempo is great.

I loved the "Ruins" and love this just as much. You did great.

DrMackFoxx responds:

That's great to hear! Great to hear, indeed. :) Thanks a lot, as always, for the great review and I'm very glad that you really liked this track!

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The scenery...

The scenery here is great, which is why I like it so much. The colors are a bit light, but in this picture, I think they really bring it together. Keep up the good work.

Great Pic

I agree with the person that posted before me, this looks far better than the pics Capcom has put out. And you're saying you have pics better than this, I need to see them.

AdventAxl responds:

The Megaman Zero 4 pic is way better because I had time and didn't rush on it. lol I still like this one don't get me wrong.

My favorite Super Hero

See, if this would have come out bad, I would have blammed you into the dirt, but it came out really good,and I like it a lot. You get ten stars from me buddy, for the creative level of the artwork, as well as your great choice in a super hero. Good Job.

I'm working on a multitude of different things, but you'll mostly find me on Youtube under the channel name "The Game Idea Guy". I share my video game ideas and thoughts on a regular basis.

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